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Mind Training

Psychology proves that through developing both BODY and MIND, we get to know our skills and abilities, we accept our capabilities and limitations, and above all we deepen the understanding about how we can become better at who we are.

We begin to understand why we made this move and this decision, why sometimes we run ahead on a full speed to meet the challenge and sometimes leave with eyes wildly open thinking that this is not the right moment.
Our mind is the creator and the body is the performer.

Sport psychology



For who?

Sport psychology is for every person who is motivated, who is committed to process of change, who is curious of inner development and who knows that practice is the key to success. The individual sessions are dedicated to athletes and coaches, to those who train to compete in sports, both at professional and amateur levels

What to expect?

Conversation, conversation and conversation, followed by practice of mental trategies and techniques. Depending on the needs and expectations of the client during the session we will discuss issues related not only to sport coaching but mainly to the psychology of achievement including

  • – effective goal setting,
  • – concentration of attention,
  • – motivation for training and competition,
  • – building self-confidence,
  • – coping with stress and emotions
  • – coping with success, failure and injuries

The effective cooperation will be based on open communication and trust.

What can we work on?

Improving squad cohesion & team communication

Managing stress & emotions

Improving sport Performance

Developing pre, during and post-performance concentration

Understanding mental strategies

Overcoming setbacks & injuries

Creating self-analysis of performance

How can we work

Depending on the client's capabilities and needs, sport psychology consulting can be permanent as ongoing support or temporary to manage certain situation or issue better. I’m a big fan of creating personalized mind training plans for optimal results. As we all know systematic trainings are bringing the best results, so why wouldn’t you want to become the best?



Ongoing cooperation with structured Individual sessions or Workshops followed by the semi-formal work. This allows me to observe daily physical trainings, analyze personalized routine such as pre, during and post training preparation, team interactions and communication. Being present at the competition I provide continues support delivered by interventions and stress reducing conversations.

I Don't

  • work with unmotivated people, I want you to know what you want and be ready to work for it
  • do magic tricks, so don’t expect quick fix and effortless changes
  • make you depended on me, my opinion or my company ;) I will show you that you have allyou need to cope with everything

I Do

  • give you my full attention by observing, analyzing and istening well
  • stand by your side to support whenever it’s needed
  • work holistically seeing your personal and sport life

My sport love story

Training strengthen the power of your mind

Sport has always played an important role in my life. Since childhood I’ve spent summer holiday sailing and winter skiing. Through sport, I felt that I have influence on what I do and how, so I wanted to do everything right, and later when doing something well was no longer sufficient, I wanted to be the best.

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I work with people, not disciplines. My recent clients come from various backgrounds, nationalities and disciplines such as swimming, football, futsal, speedway, running, triathlon, tennis, martial arts and kitesurfing.

Each session is 50 minutes long. However, if we work continuously (long-term) our communication is semi structured, which means we have scheduled individual sessions but also, we have ‘ad hoc’ chats whenever its needed.

Of course we can, sky is the limit here, especially that some of the aspects of the mind training are possible to be conducted online via Skype or FaceTime (but it’s only after the trust and open communication has been established). Usually I recommend to have few face-to-face sessions or workshops and then we can continue the work online.

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