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We create the opportunity to deepen connection in the team, release creativity and enter a process of change through business workshops. We see uniqueness and potential. We train people. We grow businesses.

We said NO to boredom and typical trainings.
We said YES to engagement, effectiveness and energy.

Why is it worth investing in
employee development?

  • You raise the self-understanding and self-efficiency of employees, then your business is constantly developing
  • You influence the team's involvement in the company's activities and better relations among employees
  • You provide motivation and inspiration that is necessary for effective work

Business workshops
in Singapore

We organize business workshops locally in Singapore and in the form of TRAIN & TRAVEL - from two days up. See topics we specialize at and why it is worth organizing such a training with us.

Attention Economy

2-days in Singapore

In the area of unstoppable distractions and constant expectation to be the best, we must learn to sharpen focus if we are to thrive in a complex world.

The Attention Economy workshop will cover topics such as focused preparation, recovery from setbacks, continued attention, channeling emotions and being productive while maintaining the right balance.

Train your attention, live your life.

Did you know that both focused attention and mind-wandering are necessary for well balanced, insightful brain? Interested to find out why? Wondering how to increase your focus? Check our workshops schedule or drop us a message

Time Master

2-days in Singapore

This training will allow your employees to take control of the time thieves and negative habits and develop effective methods of self and team management over time.

It’s not only about how you organize your time, it’s bout how much awareness do you have about your focus, attention and effectiveness. Gain insight into why planning tools and tasks didn’t work as you hoped. Train your attention, manage your time.

Tailor Made

2-days in Singapore

Responding to the non-standard needs of your company we will organize business training in your office or at other location in Singapore. In addition, we will examine the training needs of your employees and we will suggest the best solutions to support your
business objectives and employee’s growth.

Corporate Retreat

3-days in Batam, Bali or Cambodia

Develop your people. Grow your business.

Corporate Retreat is the fusion of Body & Mind training to help you support your employees. It develops every individual the way they need it. It helps create a solution for the problems faced and find ways for the realization of the objectives set. Help your employees experience their lives at their best again.

Workshop using
Practical Psychology

Group Fitness
Workouts with

Yoga and

What makes this training so successful?

Highest quality

Each training program is designed by Beata Justkowiak, founder of Energising Goals and FitChillout, psychologist and life coach with passion to inspire and provoke the change. Once you meet her you will know that her energy drives the progress.

The greatest emphasis on practice

Each of our training is 80% practical exercises and 20% essence of the most important knowledge. We focus on memorable experiences and group interactions.

Deep examination of training needs

The basis for the success of each training is to match it to its participants. That is why we will start cooperation by analyzing the challenges your company is facing and examining the needs of the training participants.

A tailored offer

In addition to the most-chosen topic of training, we also offer an individual program responding to the non-standard needs of your company.

Study of effects

By means of two additional surveys (after 2 weeks and after 2-3 months) we will examine the real effects of each training. This will help you decide on the organization of further trainings.


Of course. We implement business training projects throughout Singapore and abroad. We can organize training at your company's office or in an external location.

It depends on your needs. We can organize a short 4-hour workshop, all-day or 2-day training or even a 3-day TRAIN & TRAVEL trip.

We usually need about 2 weeks, but depending on the nature of the order, this time may be shortened or extended.

In the case of stationary training there are no such restrictions (although we recommend a maximum of 20 people), in the case of trainings outside of Singapore it is 12 people.

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