The body doesn’t lie


Instead of giving the body military style regime, slimming and training it day and night,

let’s try to reconnect with it, so we can feel happier.


Very often we tend to treat our body as the object, separate from us and who we are. The attention shifts from the inside into judgmental external eye, which says what’s trendy and what’s not. We look at ourselves in the mirror and what we see is other’s option and reflection on us. We know how the body should look like but we don’t know how to be and live in it.

From psychological point of view body is our best helper in showing what’s working and what doesn’t. Body as a very first reacts to stress, joy and excitement. We get stomach pain when something stresses us out, we feel relaxed when being at the beach we manage to suntan for a bit. What’s interesting is that we can learn how to manage the emotions with our body. The newest neurobiology research shows that there is a path with which body can affect how we think and feel. Why don’t we learn the art of Chillout, then?

When I ask my clients what do they feel I often hear ‘I think I feel..’ and then I know that all emotions are filtered through intellect and logic. First step to change that is to love what’s disliked and not to follow the well advertised standard of fit body.


Few simple things you can try out today:

1. Let yourself be who you are now and keep moving toward who you want to be tomorrow. Don’t follow into so common dissatisfaction of how we look.

2. Accept imperfections. Body acceptance is directly linked with positive view on future, we deal better with obstacles, we are more active, brave and we even plan better. Plus, we get more pleasure from sex (yes, yes I got your attention now). Why wouldn’t we accept the body now, right?

3. Easy said but.. I know, however it’s not about absolute love and faking the acceptance. The point is in taking the body as it is now, same way as it it with our partner, we love him even though he’s far from being perfect. The same is with our body, something may be on the ‘to work on’ list but we can still like it.

4. Let’s don’t treat body as machine and running or any workout as time to listen the audiobooks or podcasts. Instead I recommend to bring back attention to how the muscle works, how we breath, how it changes. Why? Beachside even if we get our muscles to look as we want them to, we will still filter how we look the old way- through judgmental mind. To change that we need to reconnect with the body. Experience the body.

5. Daily practice serves you best. When walking start to feel moving air and what it does to your skin. When being on the beach focus on the joy that sun and water gives you.

Listening to our body’ needs is not that difficult.

At the end of a day it’s all about eating well, chilling out, breathing, moving, touching and being touched.

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