Hello PROductivity

Hello productivity

For last 2 days I can’t stop myself from listening the noise, yes noise. I’ve red lots of books, articles and tips about productivity but none of them gave me the noise I needed.

When I was studying back in Poznań I’ve discovered my way of learning, my way of taking notes and way of memorising. Why I call it my way? Because it has to come from my practice and my mistakes, that’s why it’s my way of being productive and effective. So.. back then I found out that I can’t work or learn in absolute quiet, as it works like an invitation for my thoughts to go and party all day long. And following it, when I was in a library I was planning my week but just to be able catch up with friends as often and for as long as possible. But when I was in a café waiting for my friend I had clear mind, pure focus, undisturbed thought process and (usually) brilliant ideas.


Wake up PRODUCTIVITY with noise

Noisli – When my friend told me about the Noisli – the website that gives you a sound of fresh rain, warm fireplace, moving waves, forest and few others I was surprised also intrigue to test it. And I did and I absolutely loved it. You can simply choose one from given options, which is random noise, productivity and relax orrrr you can mix all sounds and make your personalised noise to create an environment for productivity.

So make the noise.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.11.22 pm


Coffitivity – this one I discovered recently and I’m in love with it. It wakes up my productivity and helps me to feel good even in empty and quiet spaces; I feel the energy to do more and to start seeing results of it. Coffitivity really recreates the ambient sound of a busy café to boost the creativity and make work better.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 2.04.54 pm

Let me know what do you use to wake up your mind and increase productivity in daily life.

Your comments would be food for my thoughts 😉


Make it a great day.


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