About Coaching

Coaching believes that people have the internal resources to achieve whatever they set their minds to.

As humans, we all desire happiness and strive for various goals. Sometimes we hit the mark and other times fall short or aim too high. We learn from life events and continuously draw on our experiences. This is where life coaching can be introduced.

What does coaching do?

Coaching helps us remain focused, identify our goals and implement a plan for attainment that is in-line with our core beliefs and personal objectives. You function at your best when every area of your life is maximised. Coaching helps focus on what is important to you, it can help you find ways to make breakthroughs. Effective coaching needs to consider the whole person and their life in context.

The biggest benefit is that coaching is tailor made for each client. There is no one solution that matches all the clients’ persona. Thus, coach doesn’t begin the session with a script that he follows to the line.

The coach’s role is to ask questions and to listen in order to support the client, to gain clarity and understanding of the situation, and to find his own answers and solutions. It further continuous to challenge the client to look at a situation from a different perspective, to take different actions than before, to eliminate bad habits. Most people prefer to stay in their comfort zone than make a move and change something. However safe and familiar the comfort zone is, things could change, when the client changes and start to do things in a different way. Why? Because what got him here, it might not help move further.

From the first coaching session, client and coach build relationship based on truth and trust. They share responsibility and create a contract with all the basic information and etic code. Coach takes responsibility for coaching process; Client decides which goal he wants to achieve and what steps he needs to take to move further. He takes responsibility for the effort and results.

So what is the coaching?

It is a valuable process to have an objective, partner that supports and challenges you on your path to becoming a greater you.

As your coach, I will listen carefully, empower and encourage, motivate and support you. It is important that you shop around to find the right coach that is the right fit for you. There’s one out there for everyone.

Don’t waste your time on things that don’t work.

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