How to boost confidence

Confidence is an essential life skill that can make or break how successful you are. It’s what empowers you to maximise your personal potential and presents a positive belief in yourself, yet it doesn’t come naturally to all of us.

1 – Fake it till you make it. Newest studies at Harvard Business School found that just 2 –minutes of power posing, such as sitting with your feet up on your desk, leaning back in your chair, and interlocking your hands at the back of your head, can unleash your inner alpha by boosting testosterone and reducing the stress hormone cortisol. Isn’t it amazing? Simply learn positive confident behaviours through pretending it and one day it will come naturally.

2 – Stop ruminating about every slip-up you make. Accept that making mistakes is par for the course. Instead of beating yourself up, turn the situation around and think “What can I learn from this?” or “How can I make sure it doesn’t happen again?” Keep your mind on what you got right and your confidence will focus on growing.

3 – Take charge of your emotions. It’s easy to be positive about yourself when everything is going well. When you’re in the middle of an intense personal crisis, react with dignity and intelligence. How? Well… when you deal with painful situations see yourself as a can-do and in-control person. You have the skills to deal with future personal problem already. Remember about it and use it well.

4 – See yourself in the positive light. If you could, would you be more unconditionally accepting of yourself? To get an idea of how you can improve your self image, take a picture of yourself with a big, happy grin on your face and save it on your mobile. Every time you look your smile, remind yourself of all the positive characteristics that define you.

5 – Write five positive affirmations. Find powerful words to beef up your statement. For example, instead of saying, “I have nice smile”, you could say, “I have astonishing smile”. Speak your affirmation out loud for a couple of minutes, three times a day.

Why it might be so powerful? Well, it’s great tool to help you change your state of mind, overcome a confidence crisis and get one step closer to your goals. So now when you know how to boost your confidence there’s no space for excuses 😉

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