Elephants in Thailand

Inspiration from Elephants

I do not fight. I show what’s possible and I keep changing what I can change. I educate and inspire, give food for thought because I know its better than fighting with someone who does not know, does not understand.

With tourism remains a significant part of Thailand every tourist wants to have a picture of an elephant. And even better picture is this where the elephant will serve him hauling it from point A to B on his back (known as trekking or elephant ride). Humanity level in this is less than zero. Desire to dominate, to show off and the betterness – I was there, I saw, look at me! shout selfies and photos of the ride on an elephant. How to stop it? Should I allow anger and irritation to be visible or do more? I choose to do more by systematic education and my own experiences to show you and others how and what we can do. What it possible and doable. Now, You decide.

It is your next move that will inspire others to action.

I feel compelled to respond. I feel obliged to say that you can touch, meet and have a photo with an elephant when he is safe and lives because others work for him to be able to live happily. You can come here to Elephant’s World, Kanchanaburi village in Thailand and spend a wonderful day with those magnificent  animals. Know their intelligence, observe their behavior and learn the rules of communication. This is a fantastic adventure where you can explore and help at the same time.

I will share with you what I love most about those magnificent animals (from psychologist perspective of course)


– Elephant remembers and recognizes every member of a herd (up to 30)

– Recall important locations and is able to return to them


– Remember and recognize friends and enemies, thanks to a highly developed functions of the hippocampus that aides recollection by encoding important experiences into long term memories

– The memory of an elephant is complex and adaptable, he is great problem solver often cooperating with other elephants

– Can recognise 12 tones of music and recreate melodies

– Has developed sense of EMPATHY, ALTRUISM and JUSTICE

– Elephants show their respect to the dead performing death rituals

– May suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The elephant does not have to experience the trauma himself but may also feel it seeing other elephants being killed for ivory or  tortured in tourism industry

– Elephant is one of the few animals who recognise himself in a mirror

– Using dust and mud as sun protection due to very sensitive skin

– Is a great swimmer and loves to play in the water.

The elephant is a beautiful conscious, intelligent and emotional being. Unfortunately humanity’s treatment of elephants does not reflect this, as they are continue to suffer from habitat destruction in Asia, ivory poaching in Africa and mistreatment in captivity worldwide.

People rarely know that elephants can carry only 100kg on their back. So physically they are NOT PREPARED to carry happy families of tourists! The saddle itself weights 50kg plus two tourists, it gives more than a 150kg which HURTS ELEPHANTS. Please share this and let others know how they can contribute to helping the elephants instead of adding a suffering.



Food preparation (yes, it took some time)


Someone’s hungry 🙂


Team work make pumpkin rice balls – it wasn’t easy thing to stear


First day of a Mahout training (no worries it’s to take care about elephants, learn more and understand their communication and behavior)


Time for a river bath



Now everyone is happy ;D


Mud bath as a perfect sunscreen



Last treat of the day and I will see you tomorrow Tommy (that’s her name, 50+ beauty)


Please help me make a difference, and share this knowledge with others,

inspire them to think about our elephants.


More info about the sanctuary you will find here http://www.elephantsworld.org/

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