What is and isn’t Life Coaching?

CATEGORY: , , 06.12.17

People often ask me what is the LIFE COACHING actually?

So, here is my answer in few bullet points to what Life Coaching is and isn’t.

 diving deeply into your past

 looking at present and especially into the future

the coach evaluating you

 a non-judgemental conversation and exchange

 the coach giving you advice on what and how you should change

 process empowering you to create your own pathways and meanings

 ‘venting’ out or 60 minutes talking/blowing off steam

 active conversation working toward your specific goals, overcoming obstacles and enhancing your personal growth

Make use of coaching as a tool to re-discover your power and unleash your potential.

You have all you need to make that happen.

Wake up your hunger for more and explore new ways to get you needs met.

More about Life Coaching you will find in my article ‘What the Life Coaching is about?’

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