How NOT to get crazy before Christmas

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Feeling Christmas fever already? I have few magic points to help you slow down and keep the joy of holiday season by not getting into craziness too much.

  1. Get others involved
  2. Plan healthy activity
  3. Wake up your thankfulness
  4. Spend less time in the kitchen and more with family
  5. Cook only with good mood
  6. Prepare healthy gifts such as homemade granola in jars for friends
  7. Give up on strict dieting


Thinking about Christmas, the bottom line is that we all want to be happy and spend some quality time with friends and family, therefore I wrote (see below) 3 small strategies that can make a big difference.



Create a game plan and be ready for different responses (mind flexibility)

Everyone has a conversation pattern especially during family gathering, so make yourself a favor and think in advance what to talk about with whom, differently than any other year.  Name of the person, what they usually say, how you usually respond and what is your new response to change the dialogue

Give yourself few breaks by leaving what’s uncomfortable.

Even 10 min break will make a difference. Emotions will have a chance to cool down. Everyone needs to use the bathroom from time to time. Sometimes just breaking the tension, or removing yourself helps you to get more control and clear your mind of negative grip. You could actually do slow breathing for 5 minutes (you can use some application with short guided breathing session) or watch your favorite clip on YouTube (engage both with hearing and seeing senses) and at the end give yourself good comment (self-talk) by saying ‘I am much better now thanks to my self-soothing skills’


Breath to feel alive.

Sounds simple but the truth is that mind can’t focus on two things at a time. And if you are getting upset, angry and your blood pressure is rising, your hands are getting clammy, you chick are getting more and more red-ish color, its time to take a break and turn your attention to the breath. Stand up and walk away from the situation, go to more private space such a guest bedroom or bathroom, give yourself 5 minutes to breath with thinking about breathing only. Breathe deeply but slowly in through your nose and let it out through your mouth. Do this slowly (counting to 4) and silently, allowing your body to slow down and get grounded.


The truth is that no one actually wrote a code of rules saying that holidays have to be the time of a year that families are forces to be together and must fight against all odds to enjoy one another’s company.

Holiday mean different things to everyone.

This could be the year when you start your very own tradition.

Make it special for yourself.




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