FitChillout – Bali

Training body and relaxing mind, while enjoying Bali vibe – that was all we were doing for 6 days 🙂


We were active,

We were happy,

We were together,

We trained and traveled to experience new level of fit holiday

Have a look at the very first edition of the one and only FitChillout in Bali

That’s how we were chilling out

Look, we are mermaids!

ups, we are not, but who cares 😉

After being so awesome in the swimming pool we decided to lear SURFING


and later, naturally we were hungry.. so ..

and remember my dear, DON’T PANIC – IT’S all ORGANIC


FitChillout movement is about YOU and YOUR GROWTH

Each day is designed to wake up your both body & mind to show you how you can cope with discomfort, tiredness and mood swings. We start each day with YOGA, after breakfast we have FITNESS workouts and SLOW LIFE COACHING session where we talk about confidence, mindfulness, assertiveness and self-awareness. We share, we experiment and we experience allowing our mind to pick what’s needed and helpful for future.

We take you outside of well known comfort zone,

We make you think outside of the box,

We get outside where you connect with nature.

SLOW LIFE Coaching Workshop is about braking what’s predictable and taking your experience of mind training to the higher level (and yes, we love beach, waves, wind and sunset) 😉

All photos taken by an amazing photographer –  WERONIKA TROJANOWSKA


If you are hungry of CHILLing OUT we have more for you – next edition of FitChillout is coming soon!


Let’s train and travel together,

see you soon, in BALI 😀


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