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Fit Food and Fit Mood – we are getting obsessed with wanting to do more, better and faster. Society reminds us about the importance of eating well and I would like to remind you about BALANCE in this all.

Eat well and take care of your mind.


Here is my recipe for a healthy lifestyle

  • Reduce all ‘I have to’
  • Add more of ‘I want to’
  • Make your meals colourful
  • Smile while you prepare it
  • Eat with mindful curiosity (be interested how this is gonna taste, focus on texture, consistence, smoothness or crunchiness)
  • and wake up your senses (look at it, touch it, smell it, feel it to love it)


Here’s how we did it at FitChillout retreat in Bali

We were in it together – new emotions, new joy and new happy moments

Don’t panic – it’s ORGANIC (and yummmy)

We used food as fuel to train both Body & Mind

During our 6-day fit holiday in Bali, 3 daily activities were waking up desire to be YOURSELF and grow as a person:

  • morning YOGA
  • FITNESS workouts
  • Slow Life COACHING workshop

Aaawwww we are AWESOME and yes, we improved a lot!

YOGA with tennis ball? YES, now we know how to do it

The experience was absolutely fantastic as every class every day was different, we simple #loveit


Find more info about FitChillout events in Singapore, Poland and Bali at


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