Why am I here?

I am often asked why as a Psychologist and Life Coach I am on Instagram and on Facebook.

Why my profiles are personal and how do I find time for posting, doing workshops, retreats and then individual sessions in the office and on top of that still practicing SlowLife movement finding time to detox my mind and exercise every day… well.. I know my WHY 🙂

as Simon Sinek says ‘passion is your WHY, it’s the purpose, cause or believe’, reason why you get out of bed in the morning.

According to Sinek only knowing your WHY will differentiate you from others, in business, sport and life. ‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.’

So, again, WHY am I here?

Because I’ve promised myself that I will not take part in faking perfection, in taking selfies to show how happy I am, in showing what I do just to collect approval, in waiting for the response and analysing what other people think and like. I am here and now because every single day I’m deciding to give you a bit of my time, and to share the energy that keep me moving forward despite of daily life’s obstacles and challenges. 

I’m here

  • to show you what I value
  • to show you my struggles
  • to show you my good and bad days
  • to show you what kind of human I am
  • to inspire through being  myself

It’s not meant to be motivational but it often motivates you (beautiful side effect).

It’s not meant to be nice and positive but ture and authentic, with ups and downs.

It’s not meant to be the push toward change but it often ends up being little thought provoking trigger.

If I can shift your thinking, widen your perception and show you that despite of struggles and obstacles I made something happen, I made my life look as it is now, I will. That is my reason WHY I am here.


As professional psychologist, expat woman living in Singapore and genuine (always trusting everyone) polish girl in my heart I am telling you, YOUR MIND IS sooooo POWERFUL  AND YOU CAN LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT, trust me. Now get up and smile allowing yourself to enjoy the day.


by Beata Justkowiak



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