What the Life Coaching is about?

Life coaching is aimed at helping people meet goals in their personal or business life by guiding them in the right direction – much like a sports coach who coaches his players to improve, change and develop so they can become better athletes. You choose what to focus on, then all methods and strategies of individual work will be tailor made to your needs. Coaching process support people by helping they see their life from different perspective and giving them the confidence to move forward. Starting point for coaching therefore does not have to be problem or issue, but can be exploring something you excel in and want to extend even further.

Sounds interesting, I know.


What does your intuition tells you?

Intuition is a beautiful mixture of your experience and feelings. It’s often called a ‘gut feeling’ It’s a sensation that appears quickly in consciousness (noticeable enough to be acted on if you choose to) without us being fully aware of the underlying reasons for its occurrence.

Deepen the understanding and explore yourself.


Have a look on my expertise areas and let’s see if we can work together.

  • Building self-confidence
  • Claryfying confusion and feeling of being lost
  • Creating a balance in life
  • Managing and redirecting language of thoughts
  • Living healthy active lifestyle


What is she talking about?


Being an ex-athlete, pro Psychologist and energetic Life Coach I know how to combine the background I have with life experience and deliver the good job to see your smile, so we can celebrate success together. I will work with you toward:

  • setting priorities by overcoming difficulties,
  • increasing motivation by understanding your own critic voice,
  • improving communication and relationships by building confidence,
  • creating balanced healthy lifestyle by managing stress and intense emotions.


Life Coaching Session is an individual work with Life Coach, you choose what to focus on and then all methods and strategies will be tailor made to your needs.


Let’s meet!



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