How my beagle puppy saved me

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Do you know this moment when your body is telling you ‘stop it woman! You better slow down and relax before it’s too late’? Mine, was screaming for attention. I needed to give myself more of me-time, slow down and refocus on what was barely visible – joy of life.

I had it in me, but I hid it under new life’s demands (after moving to SG) and dozens of self-expectations. Sounds familiar?

We, women, are complicated but also very similar. We like challenges but also, easy solutions. We not only feel emotions but also see them, talk about them and share them. Bottom line is, we are women and we are awesome.


All my life I had a companion next to me, so after living in Singapore for three years I realised this is what was missing. The commitment to give up what’s mine and share it with someone. Now I have a lovely little ‘monster’ with whom I share my time, my passion, my energy – meet Fury, the beagle.

How my beagle saved me:


  1. She knew what I was avoiding 

and she made me notice it and face it. Once, my friend told me ‘you think you know psychology? Beagles invented psychology, they are masters of it’ and he was right. My beagle knew exactly what I was avoiding and she pushed me through all four psychological steps of the process of change.

Notice it, face it, overcome it and own it (take responsibility for it).

I was simply angry at first, but with time this emotion transformed into being amazed 😉


  1. She followed me

no matter how tired, angry or happy I was. Fury believed in me as a leader (I was the alpha there) and followed me. As a puppy, she was the most stubborn creature in the world. Testing all boundaries, crossing all limits and making it her life’s goal to question my decisions every single time, she drove me crazy. There were times (almost every day) I was close to giving up. I cried, I struggled, I felt powerless as she didn’t stop being herself – beagle puppy. And for this all, now I’m grateful. She helped me build my confidence. I had to believe in myself, that I can do it and I would do it. And guess what, I did do it.



  1. She pushed my buttons 

Training wasn’t only for her. The basic obedience training was mainly for me. Why? I was messing up everything thinking ‘I know it’, when in fact I didn’t know how to communicate better with my puppy, how to teach her to look at me instead of following her nose. How to show her what communication, boundaries and respect means to me. She pushed all my buttons teaching me how to stand up for what’s important to me.


  1. She was a moody lady

allowing me to practice my patience and understanding, of her, of me, of the situation. I was practicing a skill which in psychology we call STOP, take a step back, give yourself time, observe it from different perspective and proceed with action you’re choosing.


  1. She showed different ways the love could be expressed

I had to learn to accept that her love will not look like my previous dog’s love. Fury isn’t a big fan of cuddles and sleeping together. I had to accept that she has full right to be different. I learnt to let go of my rigid rules and expectations.

  1. She made us a team 

We act together. Whether it’s easy or it’s a struggle we are in it together. None of us back off. We are a team. My world has become our world.


  1. She liked me for being myself

In life, I value honesty and openness. In my professional life, I help others to create the life they want using acceptance, assertiveness and mistake tolerance. My beagle puppy, Fury, accepted me for who I am and she didn’t stop progressing with me as she knew from the beginning that journey of self-improvement is my way of living healthy lifestyle. She likes me for being myself, which means a world to me.


Let me know in comments about your life with a dog 🙂




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