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I’m sure you have heard that ‘Better Person = Better Parent’. The only way you can sustain the energy needed to do the ‘parenting job’ well is to create some pockets of “me time” where you can get in touch with who you are as an individual, fuel your passions, and replenish your energy levels. After having some ‘me time’ in fact you will be better able to remain focused and calm when kids push buttons.


Here is what you can do to get more time for yourself, starting even tomorrow:

  1. Use Your Shower Time

Those few minutes you spend in the shower each day are probably the most regular “alone time” you get. Plan to use it well! Create your routine, purchase some energizing aromatherapy products that you love and make the most of the few minutes you have to yourself. While you’re there, take some deep breaths and let the water wash away some of that tension you’re carrying.

  1. Take a Walk during Your Lunch Hour

At least once a week, go for a short walk on your lunch hour. Eating a light meal and going out for a brisk walk is a great way to clear your head and exercise your body.

  1. Introduce Quiet Time

This is when your kids read or play quietly in their rooms for one hour in the afternoon. You can then use that time to relax, read a magazine, or do something special for yourself. Celebrate/reward their cooperation with a trip to the Park after several argument-free Quiet Time periods.

  1. Get your spouse on board

Personal time won’t work unless your spouse supports this goal as well. One-on-one time with just dad or mom can strengthen the child’s bond with each parent as individuals, who can share their own special passions or interest with the child. Simply said that, take the time for you to recharge and explore other things that interest you, besides parenting. Then switch to set up your spouse’s ‘me time’ so you both will feel that it’s going be completely guilt-free.




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