My passion, My life

My passion, My life

I always wanted to be a vet, but ended up studying psychology, qualifying as a psychologist with personal counselling specialisation. Sport has always played a key role in my life. As far as I can remember, from about the age of 6, the things that made me happiest were sailing during the summers and skiing during winters. In my blood I discovered the hunger for activities 😉 I’m full of sporting passion, I love sports, they allow me to let go of reality and focus on a particular moment, and that makes me feel free. It builds me as a person and lets me rediscover myself every time. 

Try me

Having previously sailed and understood the power of wind, 5 years ago I decided to try kitesurfing. It was the place and community I found myself in that pushed me into the kitesurfing. Everybody kept saying that I have to try and assuring I will love it. I was reluctant at first as it looked dangerous, a full-on extreme sport you may say. I was scared …

Being a psychologist and a very goal driven person I realised I could not be beaten by my own doubts and decided to give it a go. Very first rides took place at Hel Peninsula, Poland – which is where I come from. It was a love at the first wind gust; the power, the control and never ending challenge. Even today, it makes me feel the happiest every time I sail.

Beginner’s steps

It took many hours and swallowing a lot of (salt) water before I could ride upwind and being able to get back to the place where I started from. Of course, the beginnings are tough, as with everything. Though, there are plenty of kitesurfing schools and friendly instructors who are always willing to lend you a hand.


I’m one of those people who would want to have everything here and now, who would like to go and make things happen. Through kitesurfing I have learned how to truly understand myself. When I’m kitesurfing I feel free and independent. I’m creating my own life. When I crash I learn from my mistakes. When I ride smoothly I’m letting my confidence go up. It makes me aware of my strengths and ‘to-be-developed’ areas. I have realised the power of patience and self-improvement.

Whenever I think of kitesurfing stress and tension disappear automatically. The pure simplicity of riding, and all the magic moments help me discover the beauty of this sport. Now I know, that I don’t have to compare myself to anyone. I don’t have to worry about anything. This is amazing and I totally love it. I love the feeling of being independent, and myself. If you discover what you love the most and have enough courage to pursue it, you have already won.

I wish..

I wish I could do kitesurfing every day, but the reality is that only few times a year I have my ‘kite-holidays’. Anybody form within my circles would agree that, without feeling the wind blowing your hair life becomes just strange. Kitesurfing is my way to rediscover the simplicity of life. Each time when I’m on the water, it reminds me how strong and powerful I am, it’s like positive reinforcement.


Rules of flying high

Kitesurfing has the same rules as life. It can be plain and simple, but it can also be complicated and possibly dangerous if you are not aware of your knowledge, skills and potential. As in life, you have to know who you are, what builds you and how you can move forward. The only alternative is that you will crash and fell the pain of being unprepared. It’s easy to fly high, but the landing is what makes you the master.


My passion became my lifestyle

My belief is that everyone is capable of being the best version of themselves. Kitesurfing is my way of life; my biggest sport passion and the thing that helped me define who I am. It’s very similar to Life Coaching, which is essentially about discovery, awareness and choice. It’s a way of effectively empowering yourself to find your own answers, encouraging and supporting yourself on the path as you continue to make important life-giving and life-changing choices. I have always created the opportunity to combine my interests with work and that’s how my passion became my job. Knowing the power of change and pursuit of happiness I am sharing my knowledge and experience with people who are interested in building on their skills and discovering new perspectives. As a Life Coach I help and support others on their way towards reaching their goals, while changing and developing as a person.


The dream

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and things are just right. The wind is blowing outside your window, the sun is shining like it wants to burn your eyes out, and the salty smell of crashed waves is in the air. Mixture of those elements makes me realise that’s my paradise.

Gradually, kitesurfing became my life, as it affected every aspect of it. When something becomes you passion, you want to pursue it and share with others, ideally with someone who understands all those feelings without talking about them.

My husband and I have the same level of craziness about sports. We both nearly grew up on a beach, feeling wind all over our faces and spending each windy hour on the water. Sea, sand and wind are our natural environments. Each year we’re spending hundreds of hours, searching for the best flat-water spots in the world. Places where, despite the strong winds, the water surface remains glassy. Constantly chasing the wind, constantly looking for new riding destinations, constantly challenging ourselves – this is who we are and how we live. I’m sure our kids will become part of this world and will love it as much as we do.

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