The power of SMILE

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What is behind that smile?

Success but also the strength and the lightness of the nature of emotions, if only we allow them to be light.

It’s important to remember that crisis happen, disappointed love, unmet needs, anxiety, death… All this is natural part of life, and because of it’s nature it will pass – when we allow it to pass.


Don’t keep the anger, confusion, pain and sadness for too long. Let it pass, in its own time and rhythm.

Don’t create the demand to fight it, suppress or avoid it.

Build awareness of what you feel.


Decided how long you want to keep those emotions for. Then forgive, let emotions be emotions and pass in its own time. MAKE A SPACE FOR NEW FEELINGS and live your daily life as you wish.


Be observant and notice small smiles to encourage expression of emotions!


by Beata Justkowiak


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