Why do we love SPORT so much?

CATEGORY: 03.09.18
By Beata Justkowiak

Psychology and our daily lives clearly show us the rule of love, its first phase of excitation, nurturing methods, maintain processes and also the end. We love what makes us feel good, helps stretch the wings and allows moving higher. We love to give and take, strengthen ourselves, compete and win. That is why we are consistently looking for an opportunity for improvement.

Mind’s creations

In psychology there is one often asked question, “Who you wanted to be when you grow up?’ and once the answer is delivered, we can examine the motives of decisions, dominant personality traits, principles of formation and functioning of automatism but most importantly we can reach the deepest of dreams, what we dreamed of since we were only 60cm tall.


From the early years, we create a vision for the future, we learn the art of planning and achieving objectives, and with social cognition theory, we learn not only from what we are experiencing, but we also learn from others through observation. No need to make 20 mistakes, sometimes it’s enough to make 10 and the next 10 observe in others and draw conclusions.


The development process increases and accelerates with each passing day. And developing both the mind and body, we get to know our skills and abilities, accept capabilities and limitations, and above all we get to know each other.


We begin to understand why exactly so and not otherwise why we made this move and this decision, why sometimes we run ahead on a full speed to meet the challenge and sometimes leave with eyes wildly open thinking that this is not the moment. Our mind is the creator and the body is the performer.

Strengthening the power of your mind

Sport has always played an important role in my life. Since childhood I’ve spent summer holiday sailing and winter skiing. Through sport, I felt that I have influence on what I do and how, so I wanted to do everything right, and later when doing something well was no longer sufficient, I wanted to be the best. By training my body I’ve trained my mind, initially without much understanding of how, but every athlete gets the same chance, a chance to dig deeper into knowledge of each other.


Maybe this is why I fall in love with running for 400m, then in windsurfing, sailing and cycling. Sport became my way of understanding myself, of getting to know more about what I do and why, about what works and how.


When you get to understand your body and mind, your fears and reactions, your motives and goals getting clearer, you are able to increase the efficiency of the performance and self-satisfaction. Trainings teach how to cope with stress and emotions; how to make good decision; how to forgive yourself unsuccessful moves and learn from them quickly getting back into the game. Focus on yourself and your work with the team is one of the factors that build who we are now and who we will be.


Pure benefits of training body & mind:

  • Goals setting
  • Manage stress and emotions
  • Develop confidence
  • Strengthen sense of accomplishment
  • Overcome difficulties
  • Increase motivation and inner strength
  • Manage time
  • Improve personal effectiveness


Having the opportunity to take physical training together with mental, I found out that the full involvement reduces the risk of feeling blue, confused and sad while increasing the chances of achievements and techniques enhancing concentration and ability to help focus attention not only on the field but also in personal life.

  • Systematic training isn’t easy or quick process, but it’s effective.
  • Build the best version of yourself while building your body.


Your Story – Conclusion: As John C. Maxwell once said “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional”


Notice your options and choose well.

It’s time to move, run, jump, go to the gym or swim at the pool, so go, go and TRAIN BODY and MIND.


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