Self-Coaching to manage 3 daily problems

CATEGORY: , 20.08.18
By Beata Justkowiak

At times we all struggle with the same problems and the solutions we find or create needs to be outstanding, out of the box, simply ours. Use my self-coaching tips to manage 3 most intense daily problems:


  1. Delivering good work
  2. Living busy life 24/7
  3. Preventing misunderstanding



Technology makes us accessible around the clock. We have work emails and personal emails not only on the computer, but also on tablet and phone. What’s more, we tend to work also longer hours fearing of loosing a job. And even though we loudly agree with experts who say that the compounding stress from the never-ending workday is damaging, we continue do what we do daily anyway. The fact is that imbalanced work and life can hurt relationships, health, work performance, self-esteem and overall happiness. Maybe that’s why in last years we observe increasing obsession about maintaining work-life balance.


I know that this term means something different to every individual and this is why we need to clarify our understanding of it and our needs in terms of creating balanced life. In my coaching practice together with my clients I have created and helped implement solutions to many daily struggles and challenges. You can boost this balance too and you can become significantly more satisfied of what you do and how.



Don’t waist time for something that doesn’t work.

Take your day in your hands and MAKE today a GOOD DAY.


Before my clients started using term ‘challenges’ they were using term ‘problems’.

So let’s have a look at 3 most popular and intense daily problems.


Problem 1: Delivering good work

Solution 1: Let go of perfectionism


As you climb the ladder at work and as your family grows, your responsibilities grow as well. Then perfectionism becomes out of reach and if that habit is left unchecked and not updated, it can become destructive. Remember that healthier option is to strive for excellence, not perfection.

Problem 2: Living busy life 24/7

Solution 2: Switch off


‘I am so busy, I still have to do this and that tonight’ does it sound familiar? We live in society where the workday never seems to end. If this is part of your life, you will find the switching off as miraculous strategy. First thing you need to do is to reduce phone notifications as they interrupt you concentration time, your time off and inject undercurrent stress in your system. So don’t text at your kid’s football game and don’t send work emails while you are with your family. Keep it divided, because reactive people have less control and are more prone to stress. Develop resilience and make quality time a true value.



Problem 3: Preventing misunderstanding

Solution 3: Deliver transparent message


There are few rules and it is absolutely necessary to be as direct, to the point and concise as possible. You don’t have to be the nicest person but you certainly do need to be understood and transparent with your message. Whenever you are thinking what to say and how, imagine what you would say if you had only 1 min to say it. Think about more effective way to deliver your message and key points.

Remember to think about what the single most important point is that you need to make, the central ide and then express it. People don’t need to know everything, sometimes the simplest sentence is best as it gives opportunity to ask question and continue or deepen the conversation.


Best wishes,


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