Does healthy perfectionism exist?

CATEGORY: 30.07.18
By Beata Justkowiak

Perfectionism is a problem but it must be doing something right, otherwise is wouldn’t be an appealing option to so many of us.


What’s the super power then?

Well, it is very well rooted coping mechanism which protects us from what we are scared most.


Perfectionism protects us from being shamed and judged

Women have been chronically over-functioning and over-performing trying to juggle full time work with full time family responsibilities. It looks that we made it all happen effortlessly because if we don’t we get shamed for being bad mom, a bad wife, a bad employee, a bad daughter and so on. The truth is that we don’t want to fail in other’s eyes so we keep making these miracles to happen allowing others to think that this is new normal life.


Perfectionism gives us a sense of power and control

We think it makes us more powerful, confident and that we own our life more with perfectionism. But it actually leads itself to more insecurity than ever before because we became consumed by people’s responses, judgements and opinions.


Perfectionism is the enemy of creativity and undermines the ability to learn from and benefit from mistakes. When we play it safe and mindlessly follow routines and rules, we miss out on opportunities to grow, says Dr. Boardman


I know it’s easier said than done, that’s why I’d like to share with you what I’ve learnt during my personal journey with perfectionism as well as being on the other side supporting others in finding solutions to old problems so they can live their life as they truly want to.


What I’ve learnt from helping women overcome their perfectionism

  • Everyone is scared of making mistakes
  • There’s not right time to start
  • Taking action gets results
  • It’s going to be messy & difficult
  • You are much more capable than you think


As Albert Einstein once said:

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

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