Online session with Psychologist – how does it work?

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The option of online therapy/counselling is a popularised form of psychological work that gives the same results as working face-to-face in the office. It is an effective and innovative approach that is very popular around the world, mainly due to its convenience and availability.


What to look for when choosing psychologist:

* what is his specialisation

* what work rules he is guided by


* is there between you two the ‘chemistry’, meaning an atmosphere of understanding, openness and willingness to continue cooperation. Confidence is born with time, as well as the results of a good job. And the feeling of ‘wanting to say more’ will appear even during difficult conversations.


Psychological help online is provided via Skype communicator and FaceTime with the use of a camera. In such session with the psychologist you can participate from anywhere in the world.


– saving time on commuting,

– comfort of space selection,

– easy availability of quick support also abroad where sessions in the mother tongue are not easily available.


The same standard – the same time – the same cost – the same amount of help

Online sessions have the same structure as face-to-face work in the office. The work is carried out according to the same ethical standards, with privacy and confidentiality.


There is someone right for you.

It’s important to find the right match as without the willingness to open up and ‘share more’ the trust may not be build. There are a lot of psychologists working online and that’s why I would like to encourage you to shop around and find the person you will feel comfortable with.

I work with people who:

* feel hunger for development, improvement and change, but have not yet found the right strategy

* want to build confidence that is the foundation of good relationships with themselves and others, at work and in their personal lives

* feel lost and want to understand their needs, their origin and learn to express themselves,

* want to balance their lifestyle, eat healthy, be active, have time and strength for things outside of work, enjoy small things and let life be just cool,

* want to strengthen and develop mental skills, strategies and techniques for coping with difficult situations and with self-recurring worries, believing that the idea of ​​training the body and mind,

* experience fears and worries, for work, for health, for loneliness, rejection, not being good enough,

* suffer from anger, anxiety or depressed mood, feel tired and demotivated, have a problem with becoming involved in everyday activities


Areas of my expertise:

– confidence,

– stress and emotions

– time and organization

– balanced and active lifestyle.


Online sessions are 50 minutes long and the cost is the same as for face-to-face session.


Ask for an ‘INTRO’ session

I always offer the INTRO sessions, which is first conversation to get to know each other, so it helps both sides better assess whether there is a match and how we will work together on your goals. The INTRO session is FREE and is 30-minutes long.

Beata Justkowiak – Psychologist and Life Coach






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