How to manage weight effectively

CATEGORY: , 11.06.18
By Beata Justkowiak

Explaining why your brain might be holding you back from Effective Weight Management


We live in a society where we eat more and we snack more often. The food and drinks that were once kept for special occasions are now our daily “treats”.


When it comes to losing weight, many of us know to focus on eating less and exercising more. But a major aspect of weight control involves understanding and managing thoughts and behaviours that can interfere with working on maintaining healthy weight.


Cause of Weight issues:

We could ask ourselves what is causing the unhealthy weight, eating habits and disorders such as binge eating, chronic dieting and compulsive over and under-eating? Generally, it takes a combination of things to develop it – including a person’s genes, emotions, and experience. I have observed that the most common reasons are negative body image, poor self-esteem, and an attempt to manage unpleasant feelings and emotions; such as stress, depression, loneliness, fear, and anxiety.



  • You count every calorie with gives you the feeling of control
  • Binge eating, you eat to cope with emotions or to avoid life stressors, it can seem like food is your only friend
  • You are always on a diet
  • You eat differently in front of others to avoid being judged or criticized
  • You can’t recognize true hunger, don’t know the difference between physical and emotional hunger



If you’re setting up a plan to change your behaviour cantered around food, the key is to become aware of how you use it to take care of your inner, emotional needs. When it comes to dieting, weight loss and weight gain, emotions play a central role and may be the primary obstacle to sorting out your problem. I would recommend Emotion Management Coaching, which focuses not only on addressing causes but also creating solutions based on mindful eating.


The goal here is to eat with intention of caring for yourself and eat with the attention necessary for noticing and enjoying your food and its effects on your body. Create healthy relationship with food and enjoy it.



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    • I realized more interesting things on this weight
      loss issue. One issue is a good nutrition is vital any time dieting.
      A tremendous reduction in bad foods, sugary ingredients, fried foods,
      sweet foods, red meat, and white colored flour products might be necessary.
      Retaining wastes parasitic organisms, and toxic compounds
      may prevent goals for fat-loss. While selected drugs momentarily solve the condition,
      the terrible side effects are not worth it, and they also never offer you more
      than a momentary solution. It is just a known indisputable fact that
      95% of fad diets fail. Many thanks sharing your
      ideas on this site.

    • john says:

      this very delicious post. and useful weight loss diet information.

    • Thanks for this information. I have a question to ask. I’m 22 years old and our family doctor has complained that I’m overweight. I have reduced the amount of food I eat for over a year now but no change in my weight. Please what should I do to reduce my weight.

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