Why New Year’s Resolutions will not work

CATEGORY: 08.12.17
By Beata Justkowiak

Can you believe it’s December already? In few days, it will be that time of the year again when there are parties all round to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

31st of December is a special day for us; it’s the time when we like to stop and reflect on the year that has gone by. We remember both our triumphs and our missteps, our promises made and broken. The times we opened ourselves up to great adventures and closed ourselves down for fear of getting hurt.

Each year we set up new plans, New Year’s Resolutions even though we all know it doesn’t work. Why is it happening? Why we mostly we hit a brick wall, fail or slow down a bit with what seemed to be so important to us?

Here are my top 3 reasons, why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work:

  1. We make them for someone else, just because it’s trendy or good to make the promise of eating healthy, exercising three times a week and wake up at 6am from now on.
  2. We are afraid of change, because it might not be easy, it might not be immediate and most of all we will have to take the responsibility and do our best to actually make the change happen without a guarantee that we will like the result.
  3. We are not making it tangible enough, and when resolutions are not specific and small enough we often get lost in action or simply get distracted.



Achieve your goals in 2018.

How to make New Year’s Resolutions work this year?

Think about what is really important for you, what would you like to do more off or maybe stop doing. Make a little list of 5, and don’t be afraid of how it sounds, how it looks like and what other people would think of you if they find this list. It’s your list and yours only. It meant to be important and meaningful to you, so if there’s ‘spend more time doing nails because it relaxes me’ that’s fine, if there’s ‘be more selfish and do not give up my me-time so easily’ that’s even better.

Listen to what your body and mind tells you, how do they answer the question ‘What is really important to me?’ and allow the all thoughts and ideas be valued, be noticed and be written down.

Then, once you have the list, you are half way there as most people fail at New Year’s Resolutions simply because they don’t even realize what is truly important to them. Next step is to engage into two super key areas, one is your effort and second is a good strategy.

Effort and Strategy

Level up your effort, as nothing will happen just like that, or just because it’s written down. You need to declare what are you willing to do, to make each point on your list happen. And the answer such as ‘I will do anything’ doesn’t count. Be precise, be specific, be original. The more answers you give the more chances you create to succeed. The more unusual answers you come up with, the more fun you are already having trying to make it come true.

Second key area is the good strategy because with right plan, effective motivation and proper implementation you have much better chances for achieving your goals. Think about what can stop you from continues trying, what can make you give up? I wish I could tell you one perfect strategy that will work for you and me and other 7 million of people but the truth is.. it all has to be personalized. That’s where your effort goes, into creating strategy and making sure you keep going despite of well expected obstacles and setbacks.

And at the end remember to respect the power of temptations

Knowing when and where your willpower tends to fail is extremely useful. It helps us avoid the situations that tempt us in the first place. Do you feel ready? No? That’s still ok, you have all you need to keep trying and building up your skills of persistence, patience and practice to get your goals crushed. It’s not about perfection, it’s about persistence so go there and take second step (first one was reading this article;)


Go ahead experimenting and achieve your goals in 2018.






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