Midlife crisis – urgent desire to fulfil a bucket list

Are you rooted in an urgent desire to fulfil a bucket list?

As you become more successful and accomplished, as you know more and more, as you do more, it can be harder to allow yourself to ‘not-know’ and feel dissatisfied.


It’s not easy to realise that we are all mortal. We start to panic, thinking there is little time left to finish out all the things we wanted to do in our lives. But denial and superficial actions are waste of time and energy. To restructure your life on more satisfying foundation you need patience and help in some self-exploration.


Midlife adults experience more ‘overload’ emotional response to a multitude of stresses. They realize they have reached a midpoint in lifespan and experience conflicts or dissatisfaction.



A midlife crisis could be caused by aging itself or in combination with changes, problems or regrets over work and life areas, such as

  • spousal relationships that may have hit a plateau,
  • children leaving the nest,
  • elderly parents needing more help,
  • career heading south.



Midlife crisis – How to know it’s coming?

  1. Have you been feeling down or empty for longer period of time?
  2. Do you feel detached or deep sense of remorse for goals not accomplished?
  3. Do you find yourself constantly thinking about the meaning of life?
  4. Are you deeply dissatisfied with you relationship and feel a need to be around younger people?
  5. Do you keep thinking about running away or taking a break?


You may relate to few of these behaviours, thoughts and feelings. If you have a desire to make instantly significant changes in areas such as career, work-life balance, marriage, romantic relationships, finances and physical appearance, it might be time to revalue future goals.



Welcome the challenge

Recognizing the warning signs of midlife crisis is a first step. Dealing with the underlying emotions and creating your options come next.

Exercising and maintaining a good diet, sharing your experience or talking to someone about what you may be going through could help navigate you to where you want to go and redefine your goals. Invest time to learn to enjoy and appreciate adult life as a precious gift.

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