Essentialism: Let go to get more

CATEGORY: , 16.07.18
By Linda Rinn

Whether you’re in the process of letting go or considering bringing new things into your home, one question will help you on your journey: Does this thing add value to my life? If something doesn’t add value, then we must be willing to let go. And just because something added value yesterday, doesn’t mean it will add value tomorrow. So ideally, we continue to ask this question until it becomes habitual.

Essentialism is more than just de-cluttering!

Most essentialism starts with clearing out the things that are already in your home. Essentialism isn’t a single decision, or a single purge: The same principle applies to buying new things and bringing new things into your home. Every time you find yourself in a store, holding an item, debating whether to buy it or not, ask yourself:

  • Do I really NEED this?
  • How have I gotten along so far without this?
  • Will it add value to my life?


The ultimate essentialist, if you think about it, is a monk – but that’s not what you should aim for (at least not in my opinion). There’s nothing wrong with consumption – the problem is compulsory consumption: buying stuff because in that moment it seems like we need it. Or because it’s what advertisements say we need. A few weeks pass, and these things are not being used, but just clutter up your house.


Essentialism is a myriad of little decisions each day: daily decisions about priorities, money, needs and contributions. One day at a time. These small decisions will add up until one day you’ve created your interpretation of an essentialist lifestyle.



I’m not trying to ‘convert’ anybody – as I said in the beginning, I don’t even consider myself an essentialist – I just want to share a ‘recipe’. See if there are selected ingredients about essentialism that speak to you. If there are some that you might get value from, then try and apply those selected ingredients to your own life. And maybe after a while you’ll feel like slowly adding more ingredients. Not everything about essentialism works for you, so take your time to experiment and figure out what does.


 You can start small, but it’s worth getting started today!

Stay tuned for more posts about essentialism & happiness, experiences over things, conscious consumerism, and more!



If you want to know more or get that essentialism inspo, check out these medias that I have come to love:

Instagram accounts: @minimalistbible and @livingbetterwithless

Book: “Essentialism – The disciplined pursuit of less” by Greg McKeown (yeah, I know, the irony of buying a book on essentialism! ..Maybe get the kindle version instead?)

Netflix documentary: “Minimalism: A documentary about the important things” (2016), 78min



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