What stops your success?

Did you know that usually daily habits are holding you back from mindful living?


Highly successful people are self-aware and take their personal development seriously. They regularly assess their habits and strive for continuous improvement.


  1. Your daily routine is nonexistent. Solution: Build routine that allows you to spend 15-30min only on yourself, to reflect, to be grateful, to make a plan and start a day with open mind.


  1. You forget your strengths when hard times comes. Solution: Reminding yourself about your strengths and resources allows you to manage self-doubts much better.


  1. You let others to take your energy and time. Solution: Assertiveness address perfectionism and people pleasing attitude, by learning to say no in a kind way you gaining back power of making decision to what and who you will give your time and energy.


  1. You avoid difficult conversations. Solution: Conflict avoidance is killing your assertiveness and steps self-awareness from growing. Learn the difference between criticism and helge conflict.


  1. You don’t say thank you. Solution: Living in social life might be overwhelming but don’t stop on being kind, nice and grateful. Without others your success wouldn’t be possible, visible, recognisable. Smile, express your feeling and say Thank You.


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