Better sleep better you, here’s how it works

CATEGORY: , 05.11.19
By Beata Justkowiak

We all know some of the benefits of sleep. Medicine and science has been lecturing us about why it’s as important as water and oxygen. And yet many – even the healthiest, fittest and most stress resilient among us – still ignore the many documented risks. Here are more than five reasons to get at least 7 to 8 hours a night.


The Bulletproof way isn’t to sleep more, it’s to sleep better.

Before we dig in on sleep hacking, let’s take a look at how important sleep really is.



The Mental & Physical Benefits of Sleep:


  1. You will learn faster – One night of good sleep can improve your ability to learn new motor skills by 20%


  1. You will look better – it’s scientifically prove than people who are well-rested are consistently judged by others to be more attractive. Many studies confirm that it affects you appearance and facial features in obvious ways, it accelerates the aging of skin and wrinkles. Now you can save on spending $ on magical facial cream and get extra hours of beauty sleep each night.


  1. You will function better – Sleep is like a battery charge for the brain. Lack of sleep impacts memory and cognitive performance, it also lowers productivity. Sleep repairs damage, stores memories, and categorizes thoughts.


  1. You will make better choices – after sleepless night we are more likely to choose donuts instead of healthier breakfast. And we know how it is.. it goes downhill from there. When we don’t get enough rest, the complex decision making is much harder and responds to rewards almost instant, which is why donuts for breakfast are way more appealing than oats.


Eight hours of quality sleep increases your ability to gain new insight into complex problem solving by 50%


  1. You will be thinner – the less you sleep them more you eat, did you know that? Insufficient sleep has been shown to raise the amount of ghrelin – the hunger hormone – in the blood. In fact, experts recommended sleep as a treatment for obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.


  1. You will have better relationships – tired people have a natural tendency to lash out at their partner. So to take care of your relationships with friends and family, make sure you have good quality sleep each night.


  1. You will strengthen your emotional resilience – becoming more aware of what affects your sleeping routine and giving yourself time to decide how you want your sleep to be is one of the most powerful ways to strengthening your emotional awareness and decrease reactiveness by taking charge of how the evening routine looks for you.


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